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Luxury Vinyl Tile in Utica, NY

Luxury Vinyl Tile in Utica, NY.

Achieve the perfect balance between style and function by choosing a flooring option like vinyl flooring in Utica, NY. Our business is proud to carry a large selection of vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring products. Whether you wish to replace the floors of a single room or throughout the entire home, you can feel confident investing in any of the vinyl options from our inventory.

Our local store carries nationally known brands of vinyl made by trusted manufacturers. It is important that you purchase brand-name products to ensure you get the quality, innovation, style, and performance found in this popular flooring classic.

The unique design and fabrication of vinyl tile flooring makes it ideal for the busiest of households. Vinyl floors of all styles are family friendly. These floors are tough enough to withstand the activity of children and pets. They resist scratches and spills and still look gorgeous.

Beautiful & Durable Vinyl Floors

Daily wear and tear is no challenge for the latest vinyl lines and styles carried at our store. Often referred to as luxury vinyl tile or plank, vinyl tile flooring is designed to mimic the look and feel of a number of your favorite flooring materials. This flooring is a cost-effective option that allows you to pay lower prices, yet still get the look of high-end flooring, such as ceramic tile and natural stone.

While some products may resemble high-end tile or traditional hardwood, the vinyl floors available from our collections offer unparalleled durability that is ideal for your family’s active lifestyle. You can rest easy knowing that any vinyl flooring product you choose is able to withstand heavy foot traffic, pet accidents, and much more. Vinyl floors are as appealing as they are practical with the bonus of easy cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Find the perfect vinyl sheet flooring for any room or space by shopping the impressive selections we carry. Our store has hundreds of options in vinyl. Choose from different brands, styles, colors, and patterns. With options fabricated to imitate popular materials, such as granite, ceramic, porcelain, and travertine, we guarantee there is a solution able to satisfy your personal taste.

Sheet vinyl comes in large sheets of 6’ or 12’. This is the classic vinyl you may remember from your childhood, but it has been upgraded in style and performance. Today’s sheet vinyl is able look great with only minimal care and upkeep.

Of course, vinyl’s popularity has much to do with the fact that is authentically imitates high-end flooring at a lower price. Our associates are happy to inform clients about the many benefits of vinyl flooring, such as the following:

  • Repels Water Damage, Stains, & Mold Growth
  • Resists Scratches, Dents, Cracks, Peeling & More
  • Cleans Up Easily with Regular Sweeping & Mopping
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance Over its Lifetime
  • Available in a Wide Range of Styles & Designs
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Coveted Materials

Vinyl Plank Flooring Mimics Hardwood

In addition to vinyl tile, we also offer a variety of vinyl plank flooring. Luxury vinyl plank is shaped and textured like classic hardwood. Available in varying stains, grains, and finishes, our design experts can help you find an option that complements your home’s existing design and décor. Once it is placed in the home, only you will know it is not the real deal.

Ask one of our knowledgeable sales and design professionals to help you choose vinyl plank flooring that brings the elegance of hardwood to your home. These experts know all about flooring- the different types and brands and which ones would serve you best. In addition, they have design training so can guide you in choosing styles that complement your home décor.

To ensure you receive the results you desire, we provide exceptional service throughout the process of selection and installation. Every step of the way, you can depend on us to help you achieve floors that do not disappoint.

Vinyl Flooring Installation from a Team of Experts

We continue to provide clients with professional service even after they make a purchase. Our team of flooring experts includes a number of trained and experience technicians. These technicians perform every installation utilizing the highest quality tools and techniques. We are so confident in our work that our service and products are backed by impressive guarantees and warranties. 

It is our goal that you love your new floors and professional vinyl flooring installation is one good way to ensure that you can live on and walk on these floors for many years to come. Vinyl is a strong and durable flooring option that lasts even longer with professional installation.



Discover the benefits of luxury vinyl tile and plank by consulting out team. Call <PHONE> or use the on-page form to get in touch with our store. We proudly provide vinyl flooring for Utica, Clayville, Clinton, Frankfort, and Herkimer, New York, as well as the surrounding areas.

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